Lady drinks 6 litres of coke every day, this is what happening to her

We all (most of us) love to drink the soft sugary drinks but do we know that these soft drinks are not at all healthy.

If you drink these soft drinks every day, you may end up like this lady, who drinks 6 litres of coke every day.

#1 Meet Kathy O’Sullivan, 41-year-old mother, from Portsmouth


#2 She drinks almost 6 liter of coca cola every day, which means 2400 calories and 163 teaspoons of sugar.

#3 She tried a lot to leave this habit, but it has become “addiction”.

#4 Her doctor has said that this sugary drink is damaging her teeth and other organs.


#5 Despite of knowing everything, she can’t stop herself from drinking. She said once “I know I am dying, but I can’t stop myself”.


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