Lady breaks hundreds of plastic spoon to make something amazing

Making something creative is not a piece of cake for everyone but sometimes it becomes easy if it is explained step by step.

So, here we are explaining how to decorate your mirror using the plastic spoons.

Let’s get started:

#1 Take several Plastic spoon and break them all from their neck


#2 Take two rings (size of your choice) to make concentric circles (see the picture below). Now using some glue, stick the broken handles of spoon like the below picture explains.


#3 Flip the ring and also stick some hard chart papers or something else, to make the circles stick to their place.


#4 Now start gluing the spoon tops like the image explains.


#5 Keep gluing until the whole circle completed


#6 Color it now using spray color


#7 Now again color it if you wish to give some other taste using acrylic colors.


#8 Once the paint has dried, then fix a mirror in the middle from backside to make it look like the below picture.


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