Kylie Jenner Appears In Solo Photo For V Magazine

Look the falling hair of Kylie Jenner over her face. Look her heavily lined eyes and also her long black nails.

The youngest of the Kardashian is the perfect edgy model. She is now proving it. She is also now a star all on her own if believed to her new shoot for V Magazine.

Kylie Jenner Appears In Solo Photo For V Magazine

If seen on her life for past seven years a great transformation could be seen as earlier she was a rambunctious cherub faced youngster and her most important activity then was causing playful havoc, and now she is a fashionista and cover girl. The reality star is also now a style icon to many.

Kylie will be seen in the September issue of V Magazine.

She said, “We [herself and sister Kendall] don’t even remember a time before the show and before the cameras and all that. It’s all kind of normal to us.”

Kylie is very much used to cameras now. In the new photo shoots she shows all the posing skills of seasoned models.

Earlier the brunette has also walked in New York Fashion Week. Following it she became the most sought after model for top magazines.

In one of the images in her latest photo shoot she stares off into the distance wearing a red and lace slip under a woolly Emporio Armani chevron coat. In another the 17-year-old is styled in a more feminine version with wet hair.


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