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Kristin Chenoweth Unwell, Tweets for Prayers, Says “Can’t Move”


Wish you all the health, gorgeous lady! Yes, you read it right, it’s Kristin Chenoweth who has fallen sick this time.

She has been all over the social networking sites hinting health problems both on Twitter and instagram .

Kristin Chenoweth Unwell

The 46 year old Emmy and Tony winner had severe health issues right from the early morning hours of Monday on 4 Aug which continued till Tuesday, Aug. 5 as per reports.

A tweet saying “Back to Los Angeles!” was followed by another one where she cries about being unable to move at all. She tweets “Numbness in my tingling arm makes me visit cedars Dr. tmrw” and asked her fans to “Please do pray, anyone who can!”

Reacting to her tweet from all over the world, a large number of her fans retweeted and replied to her tweet within minutes! This must have soothed Chenoweth after all the support, prayers and good wishes.

After exact 24 hours, the patient spread a word regarding her health on twitter again, saying
“MRI results on the way!” and added “I know I will be fine” and thanked everyone for their prayers and love.” On Insta she posted a selfie with hash tag “#thinkingpositive.”

In an interview with the Us Weekly she said “Unfortunately due to my grave injuries, I will not be able to continue with The Good Wife as of now. Lets see what happens!” and added ” I am recovering and getting better with each day, all thanks to you and the readers.”