Kristen Stewart Chops Off Hair, Colors It Orange

Be it Jennifer Lawrence or even Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart is nothing less of a competition to these stars in terms of shear beauty!

Stewart, 24, is the famous Clouds of Sils Maria actress who cut short her locks this time and is back to the look with which she had debuted. With a much shorter hair length, she made style statements on Tuesday at the Paris Fashion Week. Stewart is determined to grow these hairy back after coloring her hair orange for her upcoming movie American Ultra according to sources.

No answer to what has inspired Stewart’s with this shorn style but she says “Who cares when the haircut flatters my face!” Stewart has been a part of a lot of Chanel events and she says “I try to experience each of the shows with all my senses.”

“It’s mostly the music and depends on the feeling that you get when you are in the room.” she says in an interview. “Everything related to a show should evoke in you a feeling and that’s how it is done. Some day it could be just the clothes and sometimes it could be all about the energy that surrounds you” she adds.

“ To me a good show is the one that makes me feel like I am watching history.” She playfully tells the readers. “I am a part of two shows and it always is a full experience to be shooting for them.” She further adds.


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