Kris Jenner Borrows Boots From Jaden Smith

Kris Jenner and Jaden Smith trade clothes, shoes and also style tips. Recently she took boots from her.

Last week Kris revealed that on the morning after Kim kardashian and Kanye West wedding Will Smith’s 15-year-old son loaned her his boots.

Kris Jenner Borrows Boots From Jaden Smith

She added that the boy saved her life as she had lost her suit and also shoes.

The mother of the bride added further that she had additional pair of jeans, a jacket and also a shirt but she had no shoes to wear except her Giuseppe Zanotti one. However, she could not wear those at home as they were a bit uncomfortable.

She saw Jaden coming out of the hotel and asked for her Batman boots. This way she borrowed those and was save for the day.

Kris added that Jaden is the greatest kid and he is like her own son and very close to her.

About Jaden’s Batman costume she said, “Actually, the Batman costume was really cool and fabulous, and it was white and it was almost like, ‘Oh, there’s Jaden in his Batman costume… It wasn’t like a crazy thing. It was actually really fun, and he added such a, you know, great humor to the night and it was great.”


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