Know Nothing About Marriage Arrangements Of Kim, Kanye: Kris Jenner

It was hard for Kris Jenner but she had to take a backseat in her own daughter’s weeding: Kim’s marriage to Kanye.

The mother, when asked about the ceremony of the century (pun intended), Kim and Kanye’s marriage which is being organized by Catt Sadler and Terrence Jenkins, confessed that she had no idea about the arrangements, adding that Kim and Kanye had the best of times planning the ceremony together and that she knows nothing.

Know Nothing About Marriage Arrangements Of Kim, Kanye - Kris Jenner

It is not hard to understand that she wants to respect her daughter and soon-to-be son-in-law’s wishes of privacy, but when asked about how the beautiful brunette looks in her wedding dress, she said that she herself hasn’t seen it yet. She said that she has no idea how she looks in it, and she will be seeing for the first time on her wedding.

Kris also said that she has never been able to sit back for anything and just relax because of her nature as a control freak. For her this has been quite a lesson, she says and it is a little hard for her to let go of everything and has been an exercise of patience for her.

Kris also says that she is hugely excited herself, and although she was a little curious about everything at the beginning, she is okay now, and she is taking it easy, just trying to enjoy the upcoming events.


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