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Kimye’s Wedding Guest Reaches 3K; Army To Provide Extra Security


Its the wedding of the year, and the couple – Kim and Kanye are leaving nothing to chance.

According to several trust-worthy sources, Kim and Kanye have got non-uniformed Italian Military personnel drafted for assisting with the pair’s security, and the forces will be surrounding the Italian Belvedere fort in Florence to provide complete security to the couple and their 3000+ guest list on the day of their marriage, this Sunday. (It feels like Kim and Kanye have unknowingly offended the Taliban and Al-Quaeda, that they would need such huge amounts of security).

Kimye's Wedding Guest Reaches 3K; Army To Provide Extra Security

Little wonder that the couple are getting extra resources despite claiming that the wedding will be a private affair, and ending inviting over 3000 guests. So much for a private affair!

The guests are expected to start arriving from 2am, with rapper Jay Z, Kanye’ close friend serving as the best man in the couple’ wedding. Jay Z is expected to be accompanied by his wife, Beyonce . The video games voice-over artist Lana Del Ray is thought to be performing at the wedding.

Last minute preparations underway at the fort Belvedere, include sound systems being erected around the fort, as seen from aerial photographs. After the wedding, the party, is thought to head out six miles from the city of Florence to a villa called the Corsini Villa of Costello. The wedding party of the celebrity pair is slated to take place across at least four different locations. The Chateau de Wideville, now home to the famous fashion designer Valentino Garavani, will also be hosting the American celebrities and their friends and family. Security officers and police could be seen outside the main gates and the perimeter making final security arrangements.