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Kimye Hosts Pre-Wedding Party In France


This is the wedding weekend for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West . Today the two hot and most popular celebs will tie the knot. Ahead of the event, yesterday, the couple celebrated their pre-wedding event at the Palace of Versailles in France.

Kimye, as collectively known, welcomed their guests in the iconic Hall Of Mirrors. The entertainment part was supplied by Lana del Rey. She took the stage to serenade the new bride with her song Young and Beautiful.

Kimye Hosts Pre-Wedding Party In France

It is said Kim, 33, is a big fan of the singer and Kanye requested her to play the song. An orchestra was hired too to give a music to her singing.

Young and Beautiful is the favorite song of Kim. It was made famous in the Leonarde DiCAprio movie The Great Gatsby.

Entertainment Tonight reported the 27-year-old singer was late to the event. As an aftermath the 36-year-old Kanye took the stage to entertain the guests.

Outside the party, fireworks were fired off over the 18th century Palace grounds. About 100 guests attended the party and Palace worker said 1,000 bottles of rose champagne was arranged for them.

The couple announced their wedding will be held in Italy.