Kim Zolciak Reveals Dropping 50 Pounds After Delivering Twins

Kim Zolciak explains how she had dropped weight after giving birth to twins. She now is mother of five children.

The Don’t Be Tardy star said she had gained 50 pounds with her newest baby Kroy Jagger and also before the delivery of twins Kaia and Kane last year in November. She revealed interesting things how human body works too.

Kim Zolciak Reveals Dropping 50 Pounds After Delivering Twins

The 36-year-old said she feels genetics play a role and secondly in case of twins every morsel of food goes to the baby. Her body made two human beings simultaneously and gained 50 pounds, similar with the birth of KJ, and hence she thinks the two babies too the food from her.

The former Real Housewives of Atlanta star added further, “I do wear kind of like a homemade-type girdle after I had the babies, for six weeks, and I’m wrapped so damn tight for a period of time—and it makes your stomach flat as a board.”

Kim didn’t hide her body immediately after delivery. She was quick to show off her slim and hot mom swimsuit bod.

The mother of five had also acknowledge earlier that after giving birth to Kaia and Kane she had hernia and she had to consult a plastic surgeon. However, she was lucky not to have stretch marks or any other visible marks.

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