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Kim plans to drop weight before the marriage


Who doesn’t know about the Kardashians as they have gained popularity through all the three sisters and also a famous show that is “keeping up with the Kardashians”? Moreover Kim has always been in spotlight as a good model and an actress, also teaming up with her two sisters and one little brother makes a perfect team.

kim kardashian

kim kardashian

As Kim is going to marry the singer we all know and have been popular now for quite some time that is Kanye west sources have reported that they are going to get married in the next month in Paris. Sources also told that she does not drink but she is fond of a glass with red wine along with coffee and dinner in the morning but as she is keeping the diet plan up she is not going to have a sip. Kim is now running on extreme diet as she plans to lose 5 lbs before her wedding as reported. Kim is again on protein diet as she has been consuming diet principally of protein and green leafy vegetables to reduce the weight.

Also according to a report Kim who is going to get married on the 24 th of may and Kim is undergoing workouts 5 times a week and has cut down all the carbohydrates such as pasta and bread from her home and around herself. She’ll eat veggies but noodles are strongly said no. It is also reported that the couple has hired a royal wedding coach to train them good manners. A source told UK’s magazine that Kim and Kanye wish for their day to be as majestic as likely and are reading Prince William’s and Kate Middleton’s marriage for motivation. The trainer will in fact spend 7 days time with Kim, Kanye and the kardashian clan in LA. So much is going around the kardashian’s house these days.