Kim Kardashian Spotted Catching Car Keys As Kanye West Chucks

Kim Kardashian is known for her desire to have everything perfect and she has left no stone unturned ahead of her impending marriage with Kanye West.

But the rapper, clearly isn’t as worried as his soon-to-be wife, as he was spotted dangerously chucking a set of keys at her.

Kim Kardashian Spotted Catching Car Keys As Kanye West Chucks

And fortunately, the reality star, who appears to be quite a talent at catching things, didn’t miss even as Mr. West refused to come out of the door of their residence, to hand her the keys.

The 15-carat diamond engagement ring from the Yeezus singer was prominently on display as she extended her left hand to catch the set of the keys.

Further, the rapper didn’t seem to be in a helpful mood at all, as he left his fiancé to carry North to her Rolls Royce alone.

Wearing a pair of three quarter leggings and trainers, Kim appeared to be heading out to the gym yet again. She does not wish to have anything except a perfect body before her wedding.

Kim had her dark hair was pulled into a bun off her face and was relatively make-up free behind her large sunglasses. The 33-year old is looking to be in her best form and figure for her Paris wedding.

This week, she paid a visit to the French capital and had the rumor mills go off in a frenzy as she visited the Balmain showroom again. The reports say that she is very happy with her dress and a friend of her revealed that both the dress and the designer are among the world’s elite.

The legal marriage of the couple is set to take place in the US, which is believed to be a secretive small marriage for sorting the formalities out.

According to reports by the TMZ, the couple has already secured a “confidential marriage license” so that no one officially knows about it. And the fancy French nuptials are thought to be slated for May 24.


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