Home News Kim Kardashian Discusses The Wedding with Jimmy Kimmel

Kim Kardashian Discusses The Wedding with Jimmy Kimmel


Finally Kim blurts out about infamous marriage with Kanye West at the Jimmy Kimmel show this Monday on 4 August.

She talks about her drunken younger sister and the last-minute VIP cancellations which were “rude” as she says!

Kim Kardashian Discusses The Wedding with Jimmy Kimmel

In a low-cut, white suit paired over an aquamarine silk coat, the TV star seemed to be nervous but carried Ulyana Sergeenko’s quite elegantly. She walked the set to have a Gala round with the host and the gathered audience.

Kardashian relaxed and quickly settled down. She appeared pleased to divulge the details of her European wedding in Paris and Florence. The wedding rehearsal was a huge event she discussed, saying “Some guests did overindulge I must say” at the historic Palace of Versailles.

Kim told the audience that no one could get over her Versailles rehearsal dinner as all of them had had too much of alcohol. She said “Khloe was the most sober amongst us all, so much so that I had to violently wake her up the next day.” Choking at her words with a smile she said “She was still sleepy in bed during her makeup. She was the most hungover!”

Kim said that she and Kayne chose Paris because they fell in love there and Florence because it marked their baby North’s conception.

Lastly she talked about how perfect the wedding turned out. She said “I didn’t let anything spoil it” And concluded the interview saying “It was one incredible experience to share the joy of marriage with my family members and all my friends. Everyone was with us on this love journey.”