Kim Kardashian, Daughter North West Seems Enjoying Animal Presence In Zoo

It’s rare that stern looking Kim Kardashian sports a smile in a public place, but this time she was not her usual dressed baby couture, nor with a harsh look on her face.

She was with her 16 month-old daughter North West, who was smiling and her mother also followed her. She posted a photograph on her Instagram account, telling her admirers how much she and her daughter enjoyed the presence of animals.

Kim Kardashian, Daughter North West Seems Enjoying Animal Presence In Zoo

However, in her usual tone, she had mentioned her daughter’s dress for the trip. She also mentioned how much her little child loved hot chocolates and cookies.

She added on another picture: ‘My little boo bear having a zoo day!!! I had to put her in #Yeezus gear!! Lol she’s too cute!!!’.

It is reported that the reality TV star is expecting a second baby. She revealed in a social media that she had decided to share the good news in her upcoming episode of the show.

Media TakeOut, producers of the series have confirmed that they already decided to script an episode about Kim where she would announce her pregnancy to her friends and family.

Nevertheless, the Brunette beauty doesn’t have any sign of expecting with her hugging outfits, even a photoshoot where she posed with her stomach squeezed. She recently posted photos on her Instagram account with a waist-training corset.

Kim’s mother Kris Jenner told that she wanted to have more grandchildren in the future, although she didn’t tell anything about Kim’s pregnancy.


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