Kim, Kanye’s Wedding Invitation Revealed

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen it’s here: the invitation, the summons we all have been waiting for. The invitation to Kim and Kanye’s wedding is here.

Although only a very privileged few will receive an actual copy of the card, a photo of the original has been released on the internet, letting us all take a good look at the luxe wedding invitation of the happy couple Kim and Kanye West. The invitation is surprisingly old school and tasteful; printed on an expensive grey matte card with embossed gold writing.

Kim, Kanye's Wedding Invitation Revealed

The card calls upon the guests with the line: ‘The honor of your presence is requested at the marriage of Kim Kardashian to Kanye West.’ The date is given as Saturday, the twenty fourth of May, twenty thousand and fourteen. And the guests are hanging in the air about the details of the receptions with the simple statement ‘Details Upon Arrival.’

There have been many reports speculating about the kinds of comforts that the celebrity couple’s guests can expect at their wedding, but no details have been confirmed. And the invite offers no clues except stating the location to be Paris, France.

Guests will need black tie for the day’s events and also a cocktail attire for the dinneron Friday evening. The invitation made a big splash on the internet last Friday, and had all the fans and blogs guessing around for Kim’s big day. The guest list is being kept top-secret, but there are speculations as to whether Jay Z and Beyonce would be attending, because Jay Z may be a close friend and collaborator with Kanye but his wife is known to have problems with Kanye’s 33-year old fiancée’s reality star lifestyle.


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