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Kim, Kanye Not Given Permission To Marry In Historic Palace


The Palace of Versailles has refused permission to Kim and Kanye to marry in the historic palace, because the palace authorities did not consider them distinguished enough for permitting an official ceremony and celebration inside the palace premises.

Nevertheless, the couple has been given permission for a guided tour on the eve of their wedding, along with their friends and family, after the palace closes to normal tourists.

Kim, Kanye Not Given Permission To Marry In Historic Palace

That means the earlier reports that the celebrity couple would be marrying in Florence instead have been proven to be accurate. The wedding destination of the couple had been kept a closely guarded secret for the last many months. But this announcement, that they are not considered distinguished enough for a official ceremony in the Palace of Versailles is sure to hurt them, as both Kim and Kanye had reportedly dreamt of being married in the world famous heritage palace, once the home of the Kings and Queens of France, before the revolution.

Catherine Pegard, the president of the Palace of Versailles has said that they wont be allowing the couple an official ceremony, but they are organizing a surprise tour for the couple and their guest for Friday, May 23rd. Kim and Kanye will be shown around the palace premises along with their guests, family and friends, after which they will be free to have a meal at a nearby restaurant or hotel.

The couple arrived in the French Capital, Paris, in this weekend and the onlookers counted at the Paris’s Charles de Gaulle airport counted about twelve full size suitcases with the couple, who also brought along their daughter, North, a nanny and at least a couple of bodyguards.