Kendall Jenner Dating Dallas Mavericks Forward Chandler Parsons?

Kendall Jenner introduces new boyfriend to her family. She has got someone new in her life and it is not Harry Styles.

The reality star is reported to be making it official that Dallas Mavericks forward Chandler Parsons has stepped into her life. A source said Kendall’s mama has met him and is also excited about his future.

Kendall Jenner Dating Dallas Mavericks Forward Chandler Parsons

The Celebrity insider said Kris Jenner met the right person of her daughter a few weeks ago and was surprise by his promising B-ball future and good looks as well.

It is also being reported that earlier Chandler was considering for his appearance in the new series of The Bachelor. However, the newly ignited romance with Kendall has ended that.

Another source added that the player was about to start the shootings but he was pulled out of it before the cameras could roll. He does not want now to be introduced to several gorgeous women with hope to get fixed with one.

Recently he was asked too about his relationship with Kendall, but he denied and said he had always been seen in a group with Kendall.

Recently he was spotted with the 18-year-old with Keeping Up With The Kardashian beauty Kendall at the STK restaurant in Los Angeles. They were in group but it felt the two were closer than usual.

One source said the two were seen flirting throughout the meal. Both laughed and cried all night.


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