Kendall Jenner Covers Up For Rumors, Swears On Her Upbringing

Kendall Jenner,17, famous for her appearance in the show ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians,’ claims to be raised right since the age of 11.

The model expressed her anger and defended herself on Twitter this Tuesday evening. Rumours had spread that she was unusually rude to a waitress in a hotel.

Kendall Jenner Covers Up For Rumors, Swears On Her Upbringing

Following the rumor she asked for evidences and swore her upbringing adding that she would never do anything like this.

Last weekend it was seen that Jenner was out for dinner at a New York City restaurant called Mercer Kitchen. She was joined in with friend Hailey Baldwin when things took a sour turn and turned into drama.

Jenner and Baldwin, both 17 and underaged, repeatedly kept asking for alcoholic drinks and were turned down as the legal age for alcohol consumption is 21. This led to an outrage and brawl among the young ladies and the hotel. The pair then abandoned the hotel and did not pay for the food which they had ordered and already eaten.

MTV Skins alum Blaine Morris was serving the girls. According to reports, Jenner threw $20 in her face when she came to the stars to collect the payment. Jenner even argued and called names to both the waitress and hotel management.

Jenner tweeted at the moment, “That weirdness with which you have to chase a Kardashian down as she refuses to pay the bill only later to get money thrown in your face.” This update was soon deleted by her.


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