Home TV News Kellie Maloney Exits CBB Learning Beauty Of Being Woman

Kellie Maloney Exits CBB Learning Beauty Of Being Woman


It’s the exit of Kellie Maloney from the Celebrity Big Brother house.

She has opted for a dignified goodbye from CBB saying she is looking forward to a night out with Lauren Goodger.

Kellie Maloney Exits CBB Learning Beauty Of Being Woman

The 61-year-old was in a sophisticated blue dress paired with heels. While coming out to the out world she dropped to the floor to worship the freedom on Friday.

Kellie Maloney was earlier addressed as Frank. She changed her name two years ago. She is a former boxing professional. She compared the CBB house as being ‘drunk’ and exiting of it ‘sober’ as if these many days she had been in rehab.

She learned many things from CBB housemates and also learned about beauty of being a woman. She now emerges as more confidence in her personality and said reentering the outside world becoming stronger than before.

On Friday night she became the 5th VIP evictee. The show host Emma Willis called her eviction as ‘bitter, sweet’.

Kellie received a warm welcome outside the house. She was pleased to be once again to where she was.

Emma asked her whether she was happy to come out of CBB house. The old star answered she would be leaving a different person.

She said, “I went into the house drunk… I’ve come out very strong and sober – it’s been like rehab. And I hope the British public have learned a lot of about the transgender issue… I hope they will accept me when I go out.”

Kellie added further that she had been taught several important things inside the house about being a woman.