Katy Perry Launches Metamorphosis Music Record Label

Katy Perry has come up with her own vanity music record label Capitol. She is on the way to launch Metamorphosis Music.

Her first signed singer/songwriter is Ferras Alqaisi, who has taken to Instagram for doing some of the promotion by his own.

Katy Perry Launches Metamorphosis Music Record Label

Katy too mentioned about Ferras on social media while making announcement for her new music label launching.

He shared the album cover on the social platform writing that the secret is out and he has signed to his friend Katy Perry’s Metamorphosis Music. He added further, “Also, catch me opening up for Katy on #ThePrismaticWorldTour starting June 22!…”

USA Today reports the foray is not the first one into the music industry for Ferras. When he was still studying at the Berklee College of Music he was discovered by Limp Bizkit lead singer Fred Durst. Thereafter he was signed to Capitol Records in the year 2007, and he met Katy there. The new promising partnership took birth later.

The Dark Horse singer said in a released statement Ferras is a man with a message and has unique and different way of lyric that connects every note when one listen. He will be an important artist in future.


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