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Katie fuming on Josie comment


Katie Price who is a veteran model get angered with Josie after her comparison with Katie and this time she crossed her limit and said that she is read to do anything to get stardom in any case like Katie Price.

Katie fuming on Josie’s comment

Katie fuming on Josie’s comment

Katie price replied that in no manner we are same in fact I had my cosmetic surgery at my one expenses whereas Josie was funded by NHS for the same so we are not similar to each other. Katie Price advices Josie in a magazine interview that firstly become a good human being rather than moving towards stardom by doing cheap acts.

Josie’s Abortion story

Josie is 19 weekspregnant and she wants to abort her child for her stardom but suddenly one day on her way to the hospital for abortion she felt baby kick inside her tummy and she realizes that she should not abort her child. Then she got confused with her decision that weather to abort the child in the 19 th week or not and she came back to the hotel for thinking again a while on her decision so she called her mum to support her on her decision. Along with this she also called the footballer who is most likely to be the dad of the child as per the dates for financial and mental support. She said that this is not a publicity stunt but she became famous with this as she got 13,000 followers on twitter within on night with her abortion news and many people are angry with this decision.