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Katherine Jenkins Gets Engaged To Andrew Levitas


Six months since they first met, opera singer Katherine Jenkins and Hollywood director Andrew Levitas are getting engaged! Thrilled to receive a proposal from Levitas Katherine gleefully relented to tying the knot.

The stunning blonde singer has admitted to being both ‘surprised and thrilled’ her boyfriend’s move to take the relationship further. Previously engaged to TV host Gethin Jones with whom she separated within six months of being proposed to in 2011 Katherine revealed her engagement to Levitas on Twitter . In response to the wishes she received she also expressed thanks and wished everyone for Easter. The couple plan to get married next year at Katherine’s family home in Wales. Insiders say the ceremony would have few people, close to the couple.

Katherine Jenkins Gets Engaged To Andrew Levitas

Katherine Jenkins Gets Engaged To Andrew Levitas

According to sources Katherine and Andrew first started appearing together in public at the time of her meeting with Prince Charles where she collected her OBE month back. He joined her at Buckingham palace for the occasion making it clear to media that they were together as a couple.

While Katherine took extreme pains to look graciously attired and even shared a short video giving her fans a peak into what she was wearing Levitas was dressed formally to suit the event. The couple looked uber cool and their being together at this moment created quite a ripple since Jenkins has been recently reported to have been close to Adam Bidwell, a close friend to Prince Harry.

The mezzo Soprano accepted Levitas proposal just a few days back but held the news from everyone. The thirty-six years old Levitas who’s a reputed film-maker with high credentials in art is a professor in University of New York. His film Lullaby is slated to release toward the end of 2014.

Following the wedding Levitas could leave New York to settle in with Katherine in UK. For people close to the opera maestro meeting Andrew has meant leaving behind her high party days. She’s less into the socialite scene as she was earlier and is happily settling into a warm equation with Levitas. In fact Katherine has been spotted spending a lot of her time with Levitas in New York.