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Justin Bieber Was Blackmailed For The Racist Footage


In the recent exposed video about Justin Bieber ‘s saying the n-word for black people, now it is revealed he was blackmailed for it.

The young singer was made victim of a ‘million dollar shakedown’ by a person who earlier worked with him. He possessed the clip in which JB is seen telling a racist joke when he was into his teens, just 15 years.

Justin Bieber Was Blackmailed For The Racist Footage

According to the reps of the 20-year-old pop star, the man in question earlier threatened and blackmailed for $1 million to pass the clip on to the media. The figure was dropped to $800,000 after refusal and the negotiation continued even after. About a week ago the wrap up deal was $500,000, but Bieber’s reps declined too as he was just 15-year-old at the time the video was shot and there is nothing to worry.

In the clip Bieber is seen asking, “Why are black people afraid of chainsaws?” The sentence continued with the controversial punch line and the n-word is also used more than once.

The man worked with Bieber in one video project and managed to get his hands on his hard drive while working. He made a copy of the clip then.

After the clip flooded into media the singer apologized and emphasized that he was a kid then. He tweeted that he didn’t understand the power of language then and he is very sorry for using the word. It was his immature mistake.

According to The Sun, there is one another video in which JB is seen changing the lyrics of ‘One Less Lonely Girl’ track and including a racist language in it.