Justin Bieber Taunts Miranda Kerr’s Ex In Ibiza

It has been lately rumored Justin Bieber is having a relationship with Miranda Kerr, who is alleged to have vowed to make the pop singer her man.

Bieber was attacked last week in Ibiza by Orlando Bloom. It is reported he first taunted the actor about his relationship with Kerr. If believed to the media reports, JB made a derogatory remark which was followed by the fraces.

Justin Bieber Taunts Miranda Kerr's Ex In Ibiza

The Sunday People of UK the 20-year-old singer is yet to stop making bold claims.

Orlando and Kerr separated in 2013 after three years of their marriage.

Bieber and Kerr struck a friendship in 2012 when the singer was performing at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

According to The Mirror, the relationship between Bieber and Kerr was the main reason of the alleged altercation with The Lord of the Rings star in Ibiza.

After the altercation Bieber shared a hot pic of Kerr on social platform. The photo was followed by another pic in which he posted one of Orlando who appeared to cry in it.

A source said Orlando has been furious after hearing the relationship of Bieber and Kerr.

The 37-year-old actor is still in Ibiza and recently seen there partying with pal Leonardo DiCaprio.

Meanwhile, Miranda Kerr’s spokesperson has not commented anything publicly on the matter.


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