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Justin Bieber Apologizes Chinese Fans For Visiting Shrine


As usual, Justin Bieber once again has come across a bad day. He apologized fans Wednesday morning after earlier this week his stop at a controversial shrine in Japan.

Justin Bieber Apologizes Chinese Fans For Visiting Shrine

The 20-year-old pop star was in Tokyo recently and visited memorial Yasukuni Shrine that honors the World War II victims who lost their lives in the war including criminals and all those who committed condemned acts.

Bieber shared a photo of himself on the social platform. He is seen in the pic standing in front of the shrine. He wrote, “Thank you for your blessings.”

The act was strongly criticized by his Chinese fans and the singer had to delete the image later. He posted a screenshot of Time magazine headline covering an article that detailed his visit to the shrine. He also apologized for his actions.

He captioned the screenshot writing he was mislead that the shrine was just a place of prayer. The singer said he is extremely sorry for his acts and he loves China as well as Japan.

During a visit last year to the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam the singer made similar faux pas. He visited a place where young Holocaus victim tried hiding. In the guestbook he wrote Anne was a great girl and she would hopefully been a Belieber.

JB also tweeted on Monday, April 21, that he is excited what will be the next and one should always push towards better day-by-day.

He has been on-and-off in trouble for last several months for girlfriend Selena Gomez. He has also been partying too much recently. All were highly publicized.