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Justin and Selena heading for a break up


Justin Bieber is a 19-year-old pop sensation who became famous through youtube. He has given some of the most famous hits that are liked by people. The females are crazy fans of Justin, especially the teenage girls. The girls scream and shout like crazy at Justin’s songs. Justin is expert in playing musical instruments like guitar and piano. His assets are equal to $110 million rand. Justin Bieber charges an amount of $2000-8000 for one hour for performing in parties.

Bieber is an active user of twitter. His tweets are on topics like music, his mother and fans. He tweets 18 times daily. On 9 March, he held a show at South. Bieber lives in a mansion in a place called the Oaks. The latest news is that Bieber has rented a home in this area. He records songs in Georgia and Miami. He records the songs late night and sleeps the whole day. Justin was arrested for DUI case and this month he put a plea in this case.

justin selena break up

justin selena break up

Austin Mahone was with Justin in the studio this month. Justin had invited Austin to a dinner on his 18 th birthday. They enjoyed the game of basketball in the break. Austin said that Justin is very talented and works nicely. Both of them shared a recording session. Justins girlfriends name is Selena Gomez. On April 13, Justin gave a performance in Coachella music festival. Justin and Selena were photographed in this festival. This is the early stages of their relationship and their body language shows that they have pure kind of love. Both of them have a magnetic pull towards each other. Selena wore youthful accessories in the Coachella festival. The head wrap she wore looked like a bow. Justin wore a hat that had polka dots. His performance in this festival was a surprise event. The latest news on April 15 shows that Justin and Selena may be heading for a break up. Although both of them were seen together in studio in Miami, it seems that Selena does not like Justin’s attention antics and may look for an older partner. The news of their permanent break up could be announced in mid-July. Justin has uploaded dancing pictures of him and Selena clicked in a studio. However, they also have some issues and differences that create a rift between them. The attitude of Justin is clingy and full of delusions while Selena wants a normal relationship. Justin and Selena held each other hands in a loving manner in the Coachella festival. It seemed as if they enjoy each other’s company. However, who knows what time has in store for both of them.