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Journey of this 15 year old kid from 707 pounds is truly inspiring


Many people in this world fall in the category of obese. But not every person becomes obese because of unhealthy foods or not exercising habits.

There are few people on this planet, who get obese because of their rare health condition.

Well, here today we have come up with a similar story of Jacob Miller, who because of some rare condition, had gained 707 pounds.

His journey is really inspiring:

#1 Jacob was born 5 weeks earlier but even then his weight was more than a normal delivered baby.

#2 His weight became 52 pounds when he was of 1 year. Since then, his weight never stopped.

#3 He at the age of 15 touched 707 pounds.

#4 Then and there he along with his family decided to do something.

#5 He along with the doctors, who had been studying him since he was kid, made a plan.

#6 Plan included, a fixed diet plan, regular exercising, no unhealthy foods etc.

#7 He lost almost 77 pounds in no time.

#8 He then underwent gastric bypass surgery which basically, speeds up the process of weight loss .

#9 Within six months, he lost a lot of weights.

#10 His journey is still on.