Josh Murray Receives Surprise 30th Birthday Party from Andi Dorfman

Cheers to Josh Murray!

Fiancé and Season 10 Bachelorette Andi Dorfman poured her heart out with a surprise party to her fiance Josh Murray, this Friday in Atlanta. The birthday bash included 25 of the couple’s family and friends. The venue chosen was Atlanta’s Painted Pin where everyone celebrated with night bowling, laughs, and a gaga time.

Josh Murray Receives Surprise 30th Birthday Party from Andi Dorfman

“He had no idea of what was going to happen! Thus leaving him totally surprised.. It was his best birthday obviously.” said one of the insiders. “Andi was enervated because of the week long preparations of this Surprise party for Josh.” the source further added.

Guests had not only put on bowling shoes in the party, they also enjoyed shuffleboard on the bowling alley. Murray had to blow out a 30 candles that depicted each year of his life. In dessert, was his bowling-themed cake that read “Happy Birthday.”

Dorfman and Murray were seen together all the time and were later joined by Kelly Travis from Juan Pablo. Dorfman had a black leather pants on, under white silk top, topped with a bluish-gold necklace. The incredible Neil Lane engagement ring was spotless. Murray was simply dressed in khaki pants beneath his black sleeved shirt.

“Andi and Josh were extremely jolly and happy,” told another source. “They had a beautiful chemistry.” added the source. Amid the game, Josh taught Andi some bowling tactics followed by a sweet kiss.

As per rumors, the couple is set to get married pretty soon may be in the next two to three months!


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