Jessica Biel’s Baby Bump Figured Out In Tank Top, Leggings

Jessica Biel is pregnant. It is rumored lately, but she suddenly is expecting a baby with husband Justin Timberlake.

The fitness enthusiast was seen enjoying a hike with husband on Friday in LA foothills and her bump-y trail could be seen. Both strolled down the rugged trail together.

Jessica Biel's Baby Pump Figured Out In Tank Top, Leggings

The 32-year-old wore stretchy black leggings paired with a loose-fitting black tank top. She also wrapped up a shirt around her waist to keep the baby bump hiding.

She also wore a low-riding baseball cap.

Last year in December she revealed both are wishing to have children soon.

Talking to the E! News lately she said, “I don’t know. I’m not quite sure about sooner or later, but definitely at some point.”

Justin Timberlake on the other hand said in 2013, “I’m not against the idea at all, but I think I still have some time ahead of me. Let’s leave it to fate.”

He also mentioned that their life didn’t change overnight and marriage as well as family is part of the normal steps and one takes this decision while reaching in thirties.

He also added further that Jessica brought stability in his life and an inner force, and most importantly both are able to communicate about absolutely everything. It is good to have such kind of understanding and closeness.

Justin’s 20/20 Experience World Tour will wrap up next year on January 2 in Las Vegas.


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