Jennifer Lawrence song goes awry, fans surge the barrier outside the TV studio

While coming back from David Letterman studios in New York City on Wednesday night, Jennifer Lawrence had a rough night for sure.

It happened in whisker when a whole crowd who posed an usual characteristic of celebrity monger, suddenly went crazy, mobbed the Hunger Games actor outside the studio.

The sudden surge by fans created a panic, but the actress seemed nonchalant and even sported a smile on her face when her bodyguards rescued her from the mob. It is a common scenario outside the studio when celebrities use to sign fans, in a similar way, Jennifer was also happily signing autographs for her fans, but the excitement seemed more than what she expected when the whole crown knocked over the barrier and outpouring their excitement over her.

It is believed a repercussion of early act when the actress was booed when she didn’t have time to stop to sign autographs while on her way into the studio. Undoubtedly, the incident would have been turned sour if 24 year old actress’s security team didn’t grabbed her and pusher aside of the way.

The actress appearance in Letterman’s talk show invited lots of giggling among the audience when she revealed that it was too hard for her to sing in front of a huge film crew. She was promoting her third installment in the saga: Mockingjay: Part One.

She confessed she was really feel comfortable singing in front of other people, even proclaimed it as a her biggest fear.

‘I cried on set that day – apparently I’m crying all the time. She said.


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