Home Lifestyle Jay Z, Beyonce Spotted Taking Eurostar For London

Jay Z, Beyonce Spotted Taking Eurostar For London


Jay Z and Beyonce were spotted together very recently arriving in London taking the Eurostar rail route.

On Tuesday evening the two visited opulent venue on Mayfair’s Dover Street. For several hours the high-power were there. Both celebrated their jaunt to London.

Jay Z, Beyonce Spotted Taking Eurostar For London

Both looked in style breaking the strict dress-code of the club. Probably the hip-hop pair was allowed to get in denim and T-shirts.

The two were in boots, bling and blazers. Beyonce looked more glamorous. She was in skin-tight leather trousers paired with vertigo-inducing wedge heels. The 32-year-old got a new and shorter fringe, correct in full force.

Their daughter Blue Ivy accompanied them as seen at the Gare du Nord Station. They took Eurostar to London’s St Pancras station.

Both looked happy. They gave maximum exposure to photographers but shortly were escorted away in private vehicle. Beyonce flashed professional smile while Jay Z looked less impressed by the attention.

The Arts Club was founded more than a century ago in 1863. Its website reads, “The Club has provided this hospitality and friendship ever since, having survived two world wars including a direct hit on the building during the Blitz in 1940, as well as political and economic anomalies over the years.”

The club was relocated in 1896 and now it is in the 18th Century town house at 40 Dover Street.

In 2011 it was relaunched after complete renovation.