Japanese company invents a robot that is ‘emotionally intelligent’

If you are the one who always feel alone and want someone to talk and play, then this ‘emotionally intelligent’ robot is only for you.

A Japanese company, SoftBank, has claimed to invent the world’s first emotionally intelligent robot, which can talk, play according to your mood.

#1 Pepper, the friendly robot can understand your mood and hence talk & act accordingly.

Japanese company invents a robot that is ‘emotionally intelligent’2

#2 He will motivate you, cheer you or even console you depending on your mood & behavior.

#3 Pepper has its own feelings as well. He gets happy when praised, he feels good if people around him are known.

#4 He knows 17 languages and can also dance.

Japanese company invents a robot that is ‘emotionally intelligent’3

#5 Pepper weighs 61 pounds and 4 feet tall.

#6 You can have this robot in your home, spending only $1,600 USD with a monthly data and insurance charge of $200 USD.


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