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Jamie Chung Talks about Fiancé Bryan, Wedding Planning


Jamie Chung is all set to marry her fiancé Bryan Greenberg, although the wedding is yet to be planned, Chung does have a few good ideas in mind.

The popular Believe actress gave some hints on what her wedding will be like and disclosed few things about her fiancé, Bryan.

Jamie Chung Talks about Fiancé Bryan, Wedding Planning

“I want it to be outdoors and I want it to be pretty,” the 31 year old actress expressed. Chung isn’t really big on destination however she hopes her entire family will be there.

Chung hints that her wedding will be sooner, however she’s certain that she doesn’t want to rush with it. The couple is aiming for something in the next year.

The couple, after two years of dating, had spent some holiday time in San Francisco. Moving ahead bring the important discussion of “babies” to the soon-to-be Bride. The celeb expressed that she of course wants a family.

However, she isn’t sure about “when?” She adds further that she has not really thought much about it and it does feel weird. Chung admitted that she has never introduced any of her boyfriends to her parents. Chung reportedly said that she is really anxious about the first meeting of her and Bryan’s parents.

Bryan reportedly planned everything, and Chung loved the way he did it. She said “He was so great”. Chung added further “That’s something I really love about him.”