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Jamie Anne Allman Expecting Third Child


Jamie Anne Allman is pregnant again and expecting her third child with husband Marshall Allman, her representatives have confirmed to the media. Reports indicate Marshal and Jamie are expecting a girl child this June.

The couple had tied the knot back in 2006. Jamie had given birth to premature babies – twins to be exact, in January 2013. The twins, Asher and Oliver were delivered prematurely, 81 days before the due date. Oliver was 2 lbs., 11 oz when he was born and Asher was 3 lbs. Both babies were discharged from hospital after postnatal treatment. When the babies were finally discharged in April, Oliver was 7 lbs., 7 oz and Asher was 8 lbs., 1 oz.

Jamie Anne Allman Expecting Third Child

At the time of the pregnancy , Jamie had gone through many complications about which she opened up recently in an interview. The actress said that during her pregnancy, she would pop blood vessels in her eyes every time she vomited, and any slight movements would make her puke. She said that she couldn’t really walk properly. Talking of her eating habits during her pregnancy, she said that she ate snacks that her husband had brought for her because she could eat nothing else. She says that Pop-Tarts and Toaster Strudel really helped during her difficult pregnancy.

And although the pregnancy was not easy for her, she had fulfilled a wish of hers – having a big family. Jamie had said that she wants at least four more kids after welcoming her twin babies Asher and Oliver, because she thinks it amazing to have a large family, and that she always wanted one.