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Jaime King Reveals Struggled 4 Years For Infertility


Pregnancy and giving birth is an exciting time for any mother, but for Jaime King, it was all the more special.

Jaime had struggled against infertility for four years and the long wait made the arrival of her son more meaningful. She said that she had tried to have a baby for so long that she feels the universe just put a little bit more of magic dust in her new-born son. Along with husband Kyle Newman, she welcomed her son who has been named James Knight last October. Of the day she gave birth to little baby boy, she said that everything took on a new meaning.

Jamie King Reveals Struggled 4 Years For Infertility

King has been distraught while struggling through her infertility, and when her severest wish of getting pregnant really happened, she was only concerned about her son and his health and well-being.

She says she went through a bit of identity crisis, as it took her a long time to get pregnant. The baby, she says, was such a blessing for her that everything she could think about was the baby, saying that she was always active during her pregnancy , and not obsessing about things like dieting or exercising. She didn’t care how much weight she put on, she just had to make sure that her baby was healthy.

However, it seems it took King just four or five days to get back in shape, so we would say that she maintained a healthy balance. One reason for gaining her figure back so quickly might be that she went straight to work after giving birth.

She says that she takes him to the sets with her, and he is always laughing and smiling and happy. She says that she does not want to leave him behind even when she is working, adding that she wants him to know that her mother is always there for her, because that is the way she was raised.