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Jackie Chan’s Son Arrested Over Drug Abuse Charges


Jackie Chan’s son has been arrested for drug abuse and state news agency Xinhua reports the actor is ashamed for the action of Jaycee Chan.

The Hong Kong kung fu movie star keeps the hope that one day his son will speak out about dangers drugs.

Jackie Chan's Son Arrested Over Drug Abuse Charges

Earlier this week junior Chan was formally charged with drugs offense and it is certain he will be facing trial.

The 32-year-old Jaycee Chan is also an actor apart from being a singer. Earlier this year police he was tested positive for marijuana and got arrested in Beijing. If believed to the cops, junior Chan was found with 100 grams of the drug at his home.

Talking to the news agency Xinhua Jackie Chan said, “I hope that in the future, he could become an anti-drug spokesman and tell his experiences to young people.”

The 60-year-old action and comedy star also added further that he had never taken help of any of his connections to bring his son out.

Earlier this year in August Chan offered the public a “deep bow of apology” for Jaycee’s arrest.

In 2009 Jackie Chan promoted for anti-drug education. He also served as a goodwill spokesman for the China National Anti-Drug Committee.

Recently China has also detained several people including some B-list celebrities like movie stars, TV stars, movie directors and a prominent screenwriter too on drug-related charges.

In China penalties are harsh for drug crimes and it can be up to death penalty too.