Jack Ma says ‘Founding Alibaba was biggest Mistake of My Life’

Founder of the e-commerce giant Alibaba, Jack Ma, revealed in a question & answer session at International Economic Forum that his biggest mistake of life was founding Alibaba.

He said this when someone asked about the mistakes he committed in his life. And in reply, he told people that founding Alibaba was biggest mistake of his life.

He said “My biggest mistake was I made Alibaba. I never thought that this thing would change my life. I was just trying to do a small business and grow that big, take that much responsibility and got so much trouble. Every day is like as busy as a president, and I don’t have any power! And then I don’t have my life”.

He added “So I said in my next life, if I still can have a next life, I will never do a business like this. I will be my own self; I want to enjoy my life”.


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