Home News ISIS uses WhatsApp to advertise ‘$ex Slave for sale’

ISIS uses WhatsApp to advertise ‘$ex Slave for sale’


The terror group, who has become cancer for whole world, is now using WhatsApp and other communicating medium to advertise offers such as ‘$ex Slave for Sale’.

The message mostly includes the description of the girl (slave) along with few personal details.

An activist has shared one such message to the whole world, in which description includes “virgin, beautiful, 12-year-old…”.

It has been estimated that the ISIS group has more than 3,000 $ex slaves, and many of whom are traded like goods or cattle on phones using some ‘portal’.

A victim who has successfully managed to flee from their control, Lamiya Aji Bashar, says that they register every slave under their owner and check regularly, making it impossible to flee for the slaves.