Is Tom Cruise Dating Laura Prepon?

Sending all Tom Cruise fans in a flurry of speculation Tom Cruise is said to be dating the ‘Orange is the new black’ actor Laura Prepon. So how’s that possible for a couple who, in Tom’s words haven’t even met yet!

Our Top Gun and Mission Impossible star has vehemently denied the rumors saying forget about being romantically involved he hasn’t even met Laura ever. The buzz however is going on about how the two have been meeting quietly over the past five months now. Last November it was for the first time that Grazia the British tabloid reported as people having spotted the pair in a Los Angeles hotel having dinner together. The news that went around was that Tom sent her a vintage car for the dinner date and spent three hours with her on the table sharing a bottle of vintage 1979 Merlot. Tom’s fans say he always denies his affairs.

Tom Cruise Dating Laura Prepon

Tom Cruise Dating Laura Prepon

Tom however sticks to his line. His official rep denied the date. Taking one step further on it Tom claims never to have been introduced to Laura, a complete somersault from the grapevine that claims both are part of a particular Hollywood inner circle, have met and know each other since several years. We aren’t sure if the rumor is true, For sure both Hollywood stars are members of Church of Scientology which makes Hollywood watchers feel they’d be perfect for dating!

For Tom who hasn’t publicly dated anyone since his marriage to Katie Holmes with whom he has a daughter ended in 2012 the new buzz comes as no surprise. He’s been speculated to hook up with several actors having reported met his ex, Penelope Cruz and dined out with Cameron Diaz. Tom’s rep has quoted Tom is meeting his friends but not dating them as of now. Laura who is playing the role of a lesbian drug dealer in the big Netflix show and has dated Danny Masterson in the past has also through her rep denied the romance. Their alleged link-up though is currently the hot topic on the sets of her show.

Tom Cruise Dating Laura Prepon

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