Is Shannen Doherty Banned From Mystery Girls?

The latest buzz leaves everyone asking if Brenda will be dropped out because of Kelly and Donna this time too.

According to reports, Shannen Doherty is the one main person of non grata at sets of Mystery Girls,Tori Spelling and also Jennie Garth’s Family sitcom. But nothing has been confirmed till now.

Is Shannen Doherty Banned From Mystery Girls

According to a recent report, Doherty is known to be “banned” from the sets but the E news says, “There isn’t even slightest of truth in that rumor. We still welcome her on the shows.”

It’s a great relief to her Beverly Hills fans who certainly will love that news!

The main reason of this rumor is said to be the tension between Doherty and her cast mates of 90s-TV legend. In the latest memoir of Garth, Deep Thoughts From a Hollywood Blonde, she has mentioned about them and it seems as if the water is now under the bridge.

Kelly Taylor told the E! News that it was normal as young girls do find their way and their individual voices. She further added “Shannen and I share a good relationship. We are Aries women who happen to be strong and independent. It is no surprise that we get along quite well.”

During the promotions of Mystery Girls, they were asked to name one guest star they would want to be with, and to one’s surprise both the women named their previous costar.

“Obviously Shannen,” Garth said while Spelling added, “It’s a threesome comprising of Me, Jen and Shannen just like this show.”


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