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Is Miley Cyrus Dating Producer Mike Will, Secretly?


Is the 21 year old ‘single’ pop singer Miley Cyrus romantically involved with her producer ‘Mike’?

If the reports of the US Weekly are to be believed the 21 year old pop star, Miley Cyrus has been secretly dating, for the last nine months, producer of her “Bangerz” album, Mike Will Made It. A source revealed that everyone in Miley’s circle knows about this romantic involvement of the two.

Is Miley Cyrus Dating Producer Mike Will, Secretly

The pair got together soon after Miley in Sept 2013 announced her split from fiancé Liam Hemsworth.

It has been reported that Miley’s mom, Tish Cyrus is even smitten with the producer, and that the singer and Mike are ‘quite serious’. A source claimed that Tish Cyrus says that the producer is part of the family.

Since their busy schedules prove to be an obstacle for them to meet, Cyrus and Mike text and talk all the day to be in touch.

Us futher added that at the BET Awards party the pair were “all over each other”

Miley’s album, “Bangerz,” which is produced by her reported new guy, ironically circled around the singer’s relationship with fiancé Liam Hemsworth.

The singer admitted on a talk show that the whole album is in fact a story of that. The singer feels the story starting with “Adore You” and ending with the song “Someone Else.”

Miley further said that it is like having a physical copy of herself and she feels that it is actually telling a story.