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Is Khloe in love ?


Who does not know the kardashians as Kim is a very famous model and actress from their house also they are a part of a television reality show namely keeping up with the kardashians. This show is gaining popularity day by day because people are quite excited to see the three sisters and their little brother together. Lately is was on the news that Kim is getting married to Kanye West this 24 th of may, and also it is reported now that the eldest sister has been spotted with a necklace with the name of the French rapper.



According to the news and reports Khloe is wearing the full name of the rapper which raises the question that they both must be getting along with each other. As they were also spotted spending time with each other so now people are thinking they must be more than friends as khloe is wearing a golden necklace with the rapper’s name on it. As the necklace cannot be seen so clearly but the news have reported that is says Karim which is the rapper’s name in Arabic. News reported that she keep talking about him adores him and keeps telling everybody what a great guy he is. However from another source it has been reported that Kim warned Khloe about the rapper and be careful because as she just went through Lamar. The 29 year old television star filed divorce against Lamar Odom last year. The two were also seen together when P. Diddy threw a party to celebrate his son’s birthday last month the two were lately spotted enjoying a trip to New York. Good times are coming back to the kardashians as kim is also setting up knot with Kanya west this month and also Khloe may soon declare that the both of them are in love, also they were seen together with one of the other sister from keeping up with kardashian.