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Is Jessica Chastain To Play Marilyn Monroe On Screen?


It’s official! The Redhead beauty Jessica Chastain has beaten other top contenders to bag the role of Marilyn Monroe in the upcoming biopic ‘The Blonde’!

The twice Oscar-nominated actor has reportedly struck a deal with the film producers to star in the movie that was to earlier hire Naomi Watts for the role. The project took ground in 2010 and aims to work on recreating and reimagining the poetic, inner and spiritual life of Marilyn Monroe the evergreen Hollywood icon.

The film is based on the book titled ‘The Blonde’ by Joyce Carol Oates. While the book made it to the finals of entries considered for the Pulitzer the movie would aim to transform Oates work to silver screen. Chastain has already made her mark as a spirited blonde in the drama ‘The Help’ for which she was nominated for the ‘Best supporting actress’ award in the 2011 Oscars.

Jessica Chastain To Play Marilyn Monroe

Jessica Chastain To Play Marilyn Monroe

The biopic in-making has been the pet project of Australian filmmaker Andrew Dominik. Dominik who directed ‘The Assassination’ has reportedly described ‘The Blonde’ project as a movie that relives elements of “emotional nightmare and fairy-tale” from Marilyn Monroe’s life portraying the actor as an abandoned orphan who kind of “gets lost in the woods”.

The film that is scheduled for shooting from August 2014 onwards is being made under the banner of Worldview Entertainment that is teaming up with the film company ‘Plan B’ owned by Brad Pitt and Dede Gardner. It will be making an effort to juice out events as mentioned in the 2000-published Oates novel that runs through 700 pages and focused on many of Monroe’s famous affairs. The book has stuck to naming her paramours by nicknames with only a hint of who they are in real life. It has drawn information from other historical and biographical sources to compile Marilyn’s life and personality.