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Is Ian Somerhalder Dating Molly Swenson Now?


For ‘Vampire Diaries’ fans there’s a twist in the tale of the serial’s star lives. Not on the reel though this one’s for real! The star of ‘Vampire Diaries’ Ian Somerhalder who caught all attention with his link up to co-star Nina Dobrov now seems to have moved on.

Somerhalders has reportedly come real close to Molly Swenson, the American idol star and is dating her. If the buzz rings right, Somerhalder is already over with his ex Nina Dobrev his co-star in Vampire Diaries. Nina was recently in news for an alleged hookup with another of her co-stars Michael Trevino. She obviously denied the rumors not that it mattered too much to her famous ex. Following her denial the spotlight seems to have moved on to Somerhalder who’s showering his attention to new found interest Molly Swenson.

Ian Somerhalder Dating Molly Swenson

Ian Somerhalder Dating Molly Swenson

The duo was spotted on a casual date holding hands in intervals. They also hopped together to a magazine bash thrown in Santa Monica and then to another party hosted by the Treats! Magazine ni honor of cover-star Dylan Penn. Somerhalder has however denied any romantic hookup with Molly and sources close to him claim they are only good friends but the fact that both hung out together through both parties sent thrills down the rumor mill.

Denying the reports Molly tweeted that she has been ‘off market’ for nearly two years now and she and Ian aren’t dating at all. The fact is both know each other well. Molly who was noticed for her singing skills in the American Idol 2011 season 11 was promoted to enter Hollywood. She now works at RYOT News as the COO and Somerhalder is on the news site’s advisory board. Last month Molly also posted a photo with Somerhalder on Twitter and called meeting him along with star of ‘The Following’ Kevin Bacon as her ‘favorite part of the day’! This was followed by the couple being spotted together in two parties on a single night giving air to the speculation they were now actually a real couple. Though denial’s in the air Somerhalder fans are quite hopeful the buzz does have some ground!