Incredibly rare ‘Ghost Fish’ caught on camera for the very first time

The deep ocean creature, known commonly as Ghost Fish, who was never caught alive on camera, has finally got filmed alive.

It has been reported that the fish,  with almost translucent skin and bulbous, was filmed by Okeanus Explorer in the Pacific Ocean.

Incredibly rare 'Ghost Fish' caught on camera for the very first time1

An official from National Marine Service said on this remarkable achievement “I am sure that this is an Aphyonid and I am sure that this is the first time a fish of this family has ever been seen alive”.

He explained that these fishes are basically an eel-like structure but their body are translucent.

The Okeanus Explorer Team will be investigating ridges, mud volcanoes, sponge communities, deep sea corals and fish habitats in near future to better understand the underwater world.


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