In New Pic Lady Gaga Seen In Intimate Kiss With Taylor Kinney

In a new photo evidence posted on Lady Gaga is seen being intimate with Taylor Kinney.

The 28-year-old pop star seems passionately kissing the 32-year-old “Chicago Fire” boyfriend. Also, to confirm the intensity how Gaga feels, she ensured the pic to fit within the shape of a heart.

In New Pic Lady Gaga Seen In Intimate Kiss With Taylor Kinney 2

“The Other Woman” star has been dating Kinney for more than two years. One may assume she had a thing for bad boys, but the new man does not fit the ball.

On Good Morning America (GMA) Kinney said this Thursday, “It’s not hard playing the good guy… I think there’s an allure of the bad guy, trying to change him or remedy amy mishaps he might have.”

To the question of GMA’s Amy Robach about whether he was a good guy in real life, Kinney said of course he is. He also added further that he tries getting out of Hollywood as much as possible, and also he has a good mom.

Earlier this month Gaga performed a private show for Kinney. The two arrived at 42West’s nightclub BPM separately and met up in the VIP Area. NYT reported the singer assumed a stripper persona and performed for him some serious lap dance.

Last month the pop superstar turned 28 and celebrated her special day with Kinney though it was hinted her presence was unexpected and surprising for her. The two celebrated the birthday at the famed Roseland Ballroom in the NYC.


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