Iggy Azalea Kicks Off Toronto Tour To Promote Debut Album

When Iggy Azalea burst into the limelight back in 2011, some hip-hop purists would no doubt have questioned her Australian roots as credentials for a rapper.

However now, after the release of some very popular singles like Work, Bounce and Change Your Life, and now the release of her debut album, which has rather grandly been titled The New Classic, few can doubt how well Iggy Azalea , whose real name is Amethyst Amelia Kelly, has crossed over into the mainstream music market.

Iggy Azalea Kicks Off Toronto Tour To Promote Debut Album

As she kicked off her new tour in Toronto, Canada, she appeared to be in the mood for a little celebration too. The tour is for the purpose of promoting her new album, The New Classic, which features her latest hit single Fancy.

Fancy has just reached number one on the Billboard’s Hot Rap Songs Charts, and has already become a rage in UK and US.

As she graced the stage at the Danforth Music Hall in Toronto, the 23-year old looked absolutely stunning in a skimpy dress and heels. Performing her hit single Fancy live along with some very raunchy moves, she completely wow-ed the crowd.

Iggy has certainly been working hard to achieve this status. When she had come to the market back in 2011, Azealia Banks was the rage in the industry with smash hits like 212. That has definetly changed now.

Iggy described her new album as ‘fairly electronic, like moombahton mixed with hip-hop’. Her confidence and prowess on stage has certainly been paying up.


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