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If you have $72,000 then you can spend one week in Antarctica’s luxury hotel


How about spending a whole week in Antarctica with your loved one and that too in luxury hotel?

Well, you may think that I am joking. But wait, it’s true.

A company has set up a hotel in that desolate area and it charges only $72,000 from people for one week stay in its luxurious room.


The hotel offers its guests a very comfort fur-covered bed, designer furniture and swish en-suite bathrooms.

If you are thinking who will go there for stay, then let me tell you that Prince Harry is the one of the guest who had been there.


But the only catch is, you have to bear with 24-hour sunlight. So, if you are habituated to sleep in dark, you must carry your sleeping mask.

And one more thing, the hotel remains open for only five weeks in the month of November and December.