If you are getting this message in WhatsApp, don’t believe

We all use WhatsApp to keep in contact with our friends and families, but these days WhatsApp has become a hub for all kind of hoaxes.

And today we are presenting one of them.

As we all know that the WhatsApp is now a part of Facebook group, and hence a recent update of WhatsApp asks to merge information with Facebook.

Currently people have option of enable or disable this ‘sharing info’.

But few bad minded people have started spreading ‘hoax’ message that Facebook wants to get access of your number or messages and hence you will have no ‘privacy’ left.

Hi everyone.
If you accepted the recent changes in whatsapp terms and conditions.
Go to settings – account and uncheck share my information.
It enables facebook to access your all phone data.
So do it unchecked

But wait, it’s not the truth.

WhatsApp has clearly mentioned that apart from the number and chats, they will share public information, which would only be used to ‘improve targeted ads’.

So friends, just don’t believe these kinds of messages and do not forward and become part of such ‘childish acts’.


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