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If there isn’t any TOWIE, chances of us being together aren’t much: Lydia Bright


Some things are just not meant to be while some things just happen because we try. This quote somewhat explains Lydia’s dilemma.

She has said it loud, clear and confident. Lydia Bright last week admitted in an interview to a magazine that the only reason for her sticking up to James ‘Arg’ is because of Towie, her show.

If there isn't any TOWIE, chances of us being together aren't much - Lydia Bright

The statement was issued the night before her rendezvous with MailOnline. She was known to have spent some night time with James Argent, according to sources.

Giving out petty details of their relationships, her TOWIE show boyfriend revealed live on TV last week that the two had spent a night together, to which the blonde 23-year-old lady looked embarrassed when further inquired.

She accepted the fact and said “Yes, we did. He agreed to spend a night with me, because i was feeling vulnerable. You do this when you have no one” she further added “It’s not like something i do every time. It’s my life, who gives people the right to judge.”

Apart from her on and off relationship with her fellow cast member, Lydia Bright is known for her elegant stuff when the topic is fashion.

The reality TV star designer wore a chic striped dress from her Bella Sorella boutique and teamed it with Dune knee boots along with a Oasis metallic clutch.

It’s not a big concern for the star about how she is being perceived as one of her close friends told us. “She’s more focused on herself rather than being talked about herself”